Consent to share Personal Information Online

Nikon India Private Limited (“Nikon India”) will comply with relevant privacy laws and the standards set for dealing with personal information as outlined in our Privacy Statement available at our website Privacy Policy - Nikon India Private Limited

Nikon India seeks your consent in respect of the collection, use, and disclosure of the personal information to be shared by you.

Nikon India will work closely with other agencies (including its affiliate entities) to coordinate the best product offerings, support and services for you. Your informed consent provided herein for the sharing of the information will be respected in all situations unless, we are obligated by law to disclose your information regardless of your consent or otherwise.

Primary Purpose for Collecting Personal Information

The primary purpose(s) for collecting personal information is to provide the best product offerings, support and services to you.

The information may also be used to make call(s)/SMS/Emails, on the Phone/Mobile Number/ Email ID given below for product offerings, service offers, updates or any other activities related to the Nikon products. Such call(s)/SMS/Email may be done by third party, as designated by Nikon India in this regard.

If you submit your resume or otherwise apply for a job with Nikon, we use and disclose the information you submit for employment consideration only unless we otherwise obtain consent from you.

You acknowledge that you have reviewed the above information that explains how Nikon India will use your personal information and the steps it would take to protect your information. Further, you agree that Nikon India can collect, use, and disclose your personal information for the purposes and in the manner outlined above.