Enhance your Nikon ecosystem to enjoy fast and seamless workflows
for your creations and productions.

NX Tether

worry-free shoot.

Take a shot and review it instantly from your computer screen. Meet NX Tether, a software that is simple to use and provides a stable tethered workflow for your photography needs. Ideal for studio shoots, NX Tether requires little setup and allows you to adjust key camera settings and seamlessly review and edit images from your favourite post-production software.

A simple, sleek workflow

Shoot and automatically transfer each image to your laptop or computer in real-time. View, adjust, and save your photos in your preferred folder or software, so the images can go wherever they need to be.

A familiar interface

Easily configure settings and make adjustments with the same familiar and intuitive icons as your Nikon camera. Switch to touch operation easily with the large buttons and locate each shooting function with ease.

Your reliable partner

Adjust your photos right here, right now. Change your exposure settings, shooting modes, or even change white balance with NX Tether while you shoot. And if anything goes wrong during transmission, just hear out for the sound alert.

Fits right into
your editing world

NX Tether communicates with not only NX Studio, but also other software such as Adobe Lightroom and Capture One to give you a seamless tethered shooting workflow. So even if you want to edit images on the spot, the NX Tether has you covered.