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Keeping your camera alive with backup power is essential in key moments during long shoots. The MB-N14 Multi-Power Battery Pack delivers reassurance and readiness with up to 1.9x extended battery life (based on CIPA standards) to accompany your Z6III, or the Z7II and Z6II, on its adventures of outstanding content creations.

Compatible with the Z6III, as well as the Z7II and Z6II, the MB-N14 battery pack is designed with a vertical shutter button, main and sub command dials, AF-ON button, sub selector and Fn buttons. Interruptions are minimised with its hot swapping functionality, so you can keep going without stopping to change batteries.

Keeping your experience undisrupted, the MB-N14 features a USB-C connection to enable powering or charging the batteries via a USB PD-compatible portable power bank or AC power supply. USB charging can also be performed even if the MB-N14 battery pack is not attached to the camera.

Simply slip in two EN-EL15c batteries for the best performance or use a combination* between the EN-EL15, EN-EL15a, EN-EL15b and EN-EL15c, and you are ready to go. 

To complete the package, the MB-N14 has the same dust and drip-resistance performance as the Z6III and award-winning Z8. With an operating temperature ranging from -10 to 40℃, the flexibility is advantageous as you go on your wildlife photography, polar video documentaries, or simply an outdoor photoshoot for grand weddings.


* Note that while varying combinations of EN-EL15 batteries are compatible, recharging is only possible when using the EN-EL15c and/or EN-EL15b batteries only. The Z6III also supports the MB-N14 with the EN-EL15a, EN-EL15b and EN-EL15c batteries only, while the Z7II and Z6II support usage of the MB-N14 with EN-EL15, EN-EL15a, EN-EL15b and EN-EL15c batteries.

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