NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S

Effortless range and performance.

Effortless range
and performance.

Distanced subjects redefined.

Experience the unparallel versatility and comfort when you photograph distance subjects such as wildlife, sports and airplanes with the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S. With an in-built teleconverter, this compact, lightweight super-telephoto lens provides the possibility to change between two focal lengths at a flick of a switch. Experience exceptional S-Line optical performance with the latest Nikon technology in your hand.

600mm or

with in-built teleconverter

Meso Amorphous Coat

for backlight tolerance

Fast accurate


with Silky Swift VCM (SSVCM)


Vibration Reduction

Extend your reach readily.

Photograph at 600mm, or all the way to 840mm with ease. With an in-built 1.4x teleconverter, you can quickly change between two focal lengths at a flick of a switch to capture all the action from afar. Toggle between focal lengths with ease, preserving shooting position for impeccable telephoto shots.

Adaptive for further distance.

Capturing every detail of distant subjects, now made possible.
Expand your reach even further with the combination of the Z TELECONVERTER TC-1.4x or
Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x to effectively extend the reach to up to 1680mm¹.

more effortless.

Be ready for hours of shooting without sweating it. Weighing at around 3,260g and measuring at approximately 437mm (L) x 165mm (D) in size, the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S is lightweight and compact to be carried around effortlessly. Capture in even greater stability handheld or on a monopod with the lens’ excellent weight distribution.

Immaculate quality in any condition.

Experience the highest anti-reflection performance in NIKKOR history with the Meso Amorphous Coat, a coating system which uses amorphous particles to form an ultra-fine mesoporous structure; and the Nano Crystal Coat that significantly reduces ghost and flare effects from various directions. Deliver images with clarity, even in the harshest lighting conditions. 

Fast, Accurate, Quiet.

Capture delicate moments with speed and accuracy at near-silent operation with the Silky Swift VCM (SSVCM), an autofocus (AF) drive motor that is enhanced with guide mechanism to minimise vibrations within the AF drive. Meanwhile, an optical ABS (absolute) encoder also increases AF accuracy for outstanding focusing performance.

Steady shots everytime.

Capture crystal clear images at super telephoto distance, even at low light conditions where a slower shutter speed is required. The powerful Vibration Reduction (VR) compensates up to 5.0-stop², while Synchro VR which compensates up to 5.5-stop² when used in combination with the Z 9, further reducing image blur. Now you can focus on framing your subjects.

Stabilised View.

See each sequence of action in clarity with SPORT mode. During hand-held shooting, the image in the viewfinder remains as stable and smooth, making subjects easier to track during panning and when taking high-speed burst photography.

Exceptional S-Line

Experience outstanding optical performance with the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S. A combination of Extra-low Dispersion ED (ED) and super ED glass, fluorite lens, and Short-wavelength Refractive (SR) lens elements effectively suppresses diverse aberrations, colour bleeding and flares, resulting in sharp and clear resolution from edge to edge of the frame.

Capture all moving moments.

Designed with videography in mind, the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S lens provides you with quiet operation that prevent audio disturbance of important moments. The effective focus-breathing compensation allows users to film a more natural video as the angle of view does not change even when the focus position is switched.

Robust for any occasion.

Durable and tough even in the harshest environments. The NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S is built to ensure superior dust- and drip-resistant³ performance with sealings on various parts of the lens barrel, including the use of a rubber gasket around the lens mount. A layer of fluorine coat with antifouling feature is applied on the front-most surface to repel contaminants.
Giving you added peace of mind, the lens also comes with a security slot that is compatible with most security wires in the market.

Tailored for you.

Personalise your frequently used settings and access them easily via the customisable controls on the lens body – the L-Fn buttons, Fn ring, control and focus ring. Meanwhile, a Memory Recall function4 conveniently lets you assign a favourite focus point and recall them efficiently at a touch of a button.


ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) Glass

An optical glass developed by Nikon that is used with normal optical glass in telephoto lenses to obtain optimum correction of chromatic aberrations.

Nano Crystal Coat

An anti-reflective coating developed by Nikon that virtually eliminates internal lens element reflections across a wide range of wavelengths. Nano Crystal Coat solves ghost effects caused by red light and effectively reduces ghost and flare caused by light entering the lens diagonally.

Electromagnetic Diaphragm Mechanism

An electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism in the lens barrel provides highly accurate electronic diaphragm or aperture blade control when using auto exposure during continuous shooting.

Short-Wavelength Refractive Lens

SR is a high- and specialised-dispersion glass lens that refracts light with wavelengths shorter than that of blue. By controlling short-wavelength light, the lens is able to achieve highly precise chromatic aberration compensation so that the colours in your images are more accurately reproduced. It also allows for more flexible optical designs, which allows for compact, lighter lenses to be designed.

Fluorine Coat

Photographers need gear that can withstand the elements. Nikon’s fluorine coat effectively repels dust, water droplets, grease or dirt, ensuring easy removal even when they adhere to the lens surface. Nikon’s fluorine coat endures a high frequency of lens surface wiping and its anti-reflective effect also contributes to the capture of clear images.

Silky Swift VCM 

Silky Swift Voice Coil Motor (SSVCM) is a new AF drive actuator that combines a voice coil motor (VCM) and a new guide mechanism developed by Nikon. The guide mechanism incorporates guide parts between the lens chamber and where the guide bar touches to minimise gaps to the limit, effectively eliminating vibration within the AF drive. Utilising advantageous features such as this, the superb AF drive system simultaneously delivers higher-speed, higher-accuracy and quieter AF operation, realising unprecedented AF performance.

Fluorite Lens Element

Fluorite (FL), a lightweight mono-crystal optical material, has excellent optical properties while reducing overall lens weight to improve balance and handling, especially useful in longer focal length lenses.

Super ED Glass

Nikon has also developed Super ED glass featuring even lower dispersion properties and extremely high performance in reducing the secondary spectrum, to minimise chromatic aberration even further, as well as other lens aberrations.

Meso Amorphous Coat 

Meso Amorphous Coat suppresses ghost and flare caused by incident light from any direction, including those entering the lens diagonally and vertically, to the utmost limit, demonstrating the highest anti-reflection performance in NIKKOR history. The many gaps within the coating form an ultra-fine mesoporous structure, attaining an outstandingly low refractive index.

1 When used in tandem with the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x and in-built teleconverter. Depending upon the subject, scene brightness, and focus position, AF may not perform as expected, regardless of the camera used, resulting in inaccurate focus, slow focusing, or flashing of the focus indicator.
2 Based on CIPA Standard. This value is achieved when attached to a camera with full-frame (Nikon FX-format) sensor, with the camera’s VR function set to "NORMAL", and the built-in teleconverter disabled.
3 Thorough dust- and drip-resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or under all conditions.
4 To use the memory recall function, firmware update to the latest version is required.