Enhance your Nikon ecosystem to enjoy fast and seamless workflows
for your creations and productions.

NX Studio

Browse. Edit.

One program, endless possibilities

After taking photos and videos with your Nikon digital cameras, your creative journey continues with NX Studio. Having taken the best image viewing and editing features, this image-processing suite is built to take your images to new levels.

A simplified interface

View, edit, and share your photos, all in one place. The integration of the image viewing that features RAW processing enables you to realise your entire image-editing workflow.

Clear and neat

Navigate the NX Studio with ease. Buttons are divided and organised according to their purposes in the image-processing workflow, which can also be customised to create your own workspaces.

Familiar information display

Switch to a display option that is similar to that of a Nikon camera top control panel, which helps you read the information easily on NX Studio.

Magic to your
photos and videos

Spice up your photos and videos with functions including basic edit palettes, camera and lens corrections, and composition adjustment.

Playing with colours

Fine tune brightness, chroma, saturation, hue, and contrast for any chosen colour in an image with Colour Control Point. Simply select a range and let the auto colour detection function do its magic.

Create moving stories

Dip your toe in video editing and tell moving stories that include both still images and videos. Trim, combine, and edit to create original movies of your own style.

A world of Nikon

Apart from the NX Studio, you can make use of other Nikon software, including NX Tether or Camera Control Pro 2 to enhance your post-processing workflow.

Save your work, 
save the day

Save your post-editing files as a Sidecar File that maintains the final data, and a RAW File which writes the final data directly as a NEF or NRW file, all at the same time. That way you can minimise the waiting time for the writing back of the adjustment data.

Share the moments

Share your photos and videos with access to web services like Nikon Image Space.

RAW (.NEF/.NRW) format images captured with a Nikon digital camera, JPEG and TIFF images supported.

An Internet connection is required to use all functions (to use online help, web services and movie related functions including those of NX Studio, and to acquire update information.

Images are for illustrative purposes only.